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Client reviews

Tim Bevers

As owner of multiple web shops for sports equipment like Hockeygear.eu, clonable is indispensable. I enlargen my market within seconds! I recommend this to everyone who wants to expand to Belgium for example. Without huge effort our southern neighbors can order at our webshop. Due to this reason we started using clonable with other sites, for example websites sellig goalkeeper gloves, judo suits and sport shoes. We also cloned our Spanish hockeywebshop to an Argentinian version. The last one has already welcomed more visitors than the Spanish version. Great!

Niek van der Rijt

Thanks to Clonable my webshop in large format printers crossed another border. Without all too much effort, I have several extra orders from Belgium. I am very satisfied, and I would use it again anytime.

Kenny Kroes

We have been working with Clonable for the translation of our Dutch webshop for sport equipment to foreign webshops for two years. Because of Clonable we are now also active in Germany, France and Spain. After a relatively short period, the orders from the different countries have considerably increased without putting in too much effort and time ourselves. A great recommendation for webshop owners who want to go crossborder with ease!

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