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How to?

Take a look at our handy knowledgebase

Get started in 5 practical steps

  • 1. Changing the DNS records

    The DNS records need to be changed in order for your clone to be seen as original content. You can see how this needs to be done here.

  • 2. Setting up SEO language tags

    The SEO language tags need to be altered to make sure your clone function properly. You can see how that goes here.

  • 3. Changing phone numbers

    It is possible that you want to use another phone number for your clone to let customers reach you. Watch how you can change this here.

  • 4. Changing the email address

    You may want to use another email address for your clone. Watch here how you can easiliy change the email address on your website.

  • 5. Changing a website's link

    If you mention your own website on your website, you need to alter the website’s link in order for the right link to be shown. See how that works here.

Change the appearance of your website

  • 1. Changing a word, sentence or piece of text

    Words, sentences or text may need to be rewritten or translated. See how to change this in Clonable here.

  • 2. Changing the logo

    A different site requires a different logo. You can change the logos in Clonable. SeeĀ  how here.

  • 3. Changing images

    You may want to use different images on your cloned website. See how you can change these here.

  • 4. Changing your banner

    A banner is the first thing visitors of your website see. You may want to alter this to get those extra conversion rates.

  • 5. Replacing a video

    Replace a video in which is spoken with a British accent into one in American English. See how to change the video here.

Advanced: make customers feel at home

  • 1. Changing preferences in your webshop

    A different country may mean different payment methods, and it will lead to extra conversion if their country is selected. Change the preferences on your website, see how here.

  • 2. Changing order of text

    Visitors feel more at home when they see their country as a first or selected option. Change the order of text, and put them first.

  • 3. Changing the shipping fees

    Different countries ofcourse need different shipping fees. Don’t only change the payment settings in your backend, but also change the costs mentioned on your website.

  • 4. Changing the billing type

    With a subscription to Clonable there are different billing methods to choose from. You can change these at any moment. See this page.

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Do you want to change something else, but can’t find the method in the section mentioned above? Feel free to contact us to get some extra information.