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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions about Clonable-tool

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FAQ - General

add remove What exactly is Clonable?

Copying a website but retaining unique content for Google, how does that sound? With the Clonable tool you can, for example, very easily clone a Dutch (.nl) website to a Belgian (.be) website. The website remains completely the same, without plagiarism according to search engines. You choose which elements you adapt for the cloned website. For example, you can replace the logo and / or Dutch keywords for Flemish keywords. More benefits of the Clonable tool can be found below.

add remove What are the advantages of cloning a website?

Cloning a website to another area has 4 major advantages:

  1. Findability in Google or other search engines is better with a domain from your own area than with a domain from another country. For example, a .be domain does better in Belgium than a .nl domain.
  2. A potential customer feels more at ease in a domain from their own country. Especially when it is also localized to this country. A Belgian will convert faster (buy something / seek contact etc.) on a site from his own country that is also localized!
  3. You have the option to advertise via Google Ads with a domain from the area to be “conquered”. Possible customers will click through more quickly on a domain from their own country (Higher CTR). This leads to more site visitors for the same advertising costs.
  4. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to maintain a second site yourself. Because the site is cloned, it is always up-to-date. When an article is placed on one site, it will also be automatically placed on the clone (unless set otherwise). This will then also be automatically located to the target area.
add remove Which languages are possible to clone?

The localization possibilities with Clonable are endless. You can clone almost any language, as long as it is a similar language or dialect. Examples of common clones are:

  • International (.com) → England (.co.uk), Australia (.au), India (.in) or the US (.us)
  • Germany (.de) → Austria (.at)
  • Dutch (.nl) → Flemish (.be)
  • France (.fr) → French-speaking Belgium (.be), Canada (.ca) or Ivory Coast (.ci)
  • Spain (.es) → Argentina (.ar), Mexico (.mx) or Colombia (.co)

Of course Clonable also works vice versa for the above options. Curious about another cloning option? Please feel free to contact us to inquire about the possibilities. We like to be surprised!

add remove Is cloning a site the same as translating?

No, this is not the same! This is because when cloning a website it is not translated. The website only serves to reach a specific area and ensures that your website is placed higher in the search results of that area. It is possible to adjust certain keywords so that they fit the target group (localization).

add remove I have a webshop, does cloning work for me as well?

Yes. There are already clients that use the Clonable-tool to duplicate their webshop. This works the same and just as well as for a blog or other website. There are also specific adjustments for webshops that help improve the conversion. If you want to know more about these adjustments, feel free to ask us.

add remove Do I need to have technical knowledge to clone a site with Clonable?

No, you do not need any specific knowledge to work with Clonable. The back-end system is simplistic and easy to use. If you cannot find a solution, you can always contact us for questions. If desired, you can also choose to have the tool configured by Clonable.

add remove Can any website be cloned?

Yes, generally speaking any website can be cloned. Whatever CMS.

add remove Can I let Clonable configure my cloned site?

Configuring the Clonable clone yourself is very easy. However, if you would like us to configure it, this is also possible. We can quickly and efficiently optimize your clone site for the country to be reached.

add remove Can I link with another account like Google analytics, Doofinder, Google Search Console or other search engines?

Yes, these are easy to install

Instructions follow

add remove I have redirected my current abroad site to my actual site, is this the same as cloning?

No, linking a page is not the same as cloning with Clonable. When you clone the page, you have the advantages that you can adapt this page to the colors and keywords of the target country or region. This ensures that your website is better found by search engines and that the customer feels more at home in your website environment.

FAQ - Request a Clonable site

add remove How long will it take for the clone to be online and ready to use?

The clone is ready for use within 10 minutes. However, DNS changes often take longer for the site to be available all over the world. This can take up to 1 or 2 days.

add remove What are the costs of cloning a website?

The costs of a Clonable site depend on the data traffic that your website attracts. For most sites the price applies of € 50 per month per site. For sites with a lot of data traffic, the price is € 100 (from 0.5 TB per month) per month per site. For more information, please refer to our pricing page.

add remove What information is required to request a clone?

Information will follow soon.

FAQ - Back-end Clonable

add remove How do I work in the back end of my cloned website?

The cloned website has the same back end as the original website. If you want to change keywords or logos in the cloned site, you can change this in the menu of Clonable.

add remove I have got a webshop and I want to change the preferred option of the chosen country, is this possible?

Yes, you can easily change this.

Instructions will follow.

add remove What can I adjust in the back-end?

To localize your site you can easily adjust the following things:

  • (Search) words
  • Images
  • Show or not show texts
  • Logos
  • USPs
add remove I want to place another logo on the cloned website, is this possible?

Yes, it is easy to change a logo or picture on the cloned website

Instructions will follow

FAQ – Linking accounts

add remove How do I link my Google Analytics account?

Instructions to link your Google analytics account will follow soon.

add remove How do I link Google Search Console to my cloned site?

Instructions to link your Google Search Console account will follow soon.

My question is not answered. Now what?

Is your answer not among the answered questions above? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than willing to talk to you. Reach us by telephone (+31 492 77 52 69), by mail (info@clonable.nl), or by using the contact form below.